Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Time for a name change?

Posted by Gilbert Price on
<i>I have to agree with Scott!</i>
<p>I guess I see this as a those who want change vs. those who don't. Maybe it's not the name we need to change, but rather the meaning behind the letters in the name.
<p>I have no qualms with eliminating the ArsDigita from the name. Heck, I own the domain pcs-sc, (Price Consulting Services of South Carolina) and I'm always getting mail intended for pcs-sd (Precision Computer Systems of South Dakota) the c and d keys are pretty close together. OpenACS can stand for:
<li>Advanced Community System
<li>Automated Collaboration System
<li>Another Community System
<li>A Community System
<p>Kind of like, "Good Morning, at PCS-SC we are deeply committed to bringing the Advanced Community System to your on-line presence. Let me explain a few of it's many features...". The product "ACS" sells itself if sold properly. I'd really hate to lose the "capital" built up over the past...