Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Revitalizing our testing efforts

Posted by Eduardo Pérez on
We are setting up a test server at UC3M. We'd like to know about the configuration requeriments of the test server. We have a P4 3,2GHz 2GB RAM Box ready to be dedicated for tests. It's running Debian Unstable with AOLServer 4.0.10 and PostgreSQL 7.4.7 We were thinking about running automated tests continuously and bother someone if there's a regression. There would be also a demo instance there for people to try to break things (updated every day or with the period we agree) Adding shell accounts would be complicated as this is in an university network, so all the administration would have to be done by us.

I just need to know how you suggest to run the tests continuously and how to bother people when there's a regression.