Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Revitalizing our testing efforts

Posted by Eduardo Pérez on
Are you going to host oracle as well?

Yes, but we have to install it first.
What oracle version do you recommend?

I think we want 4 instances: stable and head for pg and oracle but they won't get a lot of traffic so mostly it's just a matter of having enough memory to run pg, oracle, and 4 servers on one box without it falling over.

OK, let's have that 4 demo instances.

I think it would be hard to attribute regression failures to individual committers but something like a daily or weekly summary people could subscribe to might be useful. I think that should be a job for the test server which aggregates test results and not for the test instances themselves.

I think regressions are better fixed as fast as possible.

I'll try to think how to integrate everything needed but if you could send me the scripts that managed the old test servers or any other tests script it would be easier for me.

Let's start changing the alias to
(If you think it's a good idea, at least I do)