Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: folder-edit on photo-album error

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Its right next to packages/photo-album/www/folder-edit.tcl
in packages/photo-album/www/folder-edit-oracle.xql

At least on openacs 5.1.5 it is. Hmmm. ah i see you are using postgresql, for some reason I thought you were using Oracle.

So even if you can find the oracle.xql don't worry about that. You need packages/photo-album/www/folder-edit-postgresql.xql.

In there it will look like this:
select content_folder__rename (

Change it to
select content_folder__edit_name (

It looks like your photo-album package is not up to date. Check to see which version it is. The current version in oacs-5-1 CVS has the correct function name.