Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to starting less nsd interpreters by default

Posted by carl garland on

TCL *interpeters* are embedded in the general AOLserver application that is much more. As a multithreaded application the server spawns many threads and most of the threads include the interpeter(not sure if all do). If you want to decrease the number of threads running if you set the parameters MINTHREADS and MAXTHREADS = 1 in the config file I think you may be able to reduce total number. I think default is MINTHREADS is 3 ... not sure though. If you set any scheduled procs or shutdown procs they will also get their own threads though.

BTW ... I was under the weather yesterday and spent all day watching TV and playing with your new site ... ... Fun way to hack away the hours ... but I'm back to work now ...sigh