Forum OpenACS Development: OpenACS websites always down!

Posted by Alex M on
We are hosting a number of OpenACS websites on 2 machines for quite some time now. The problem is, we are experiencing downtime on these sites for the past 3 months. One site goes down almost everyday, some twice or thrice a week. We have checked the logs but we haven't found any errors or abnormalities. Any help to solve this problem will be appreciated. Thanks!
Posted by Jade Rubick on
Can you post the details of your site. I've had similar issues on a Debian stable (with backports) virtual server.
Posted by Andrew Grumet on
One possible culprit is a very slow query that brings down the site if it's run too many times simultaneously. Keep an eye out for slow pages.

Also, check the memory usage with top, and if it's large and growing, set up a nightly restart.