Forum OpenACS Development: Quick status update?

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Posted by Ken Kennedy on
Hey folks...

Just checking to see if there's a recent status update somewhere. (I don't see anything in file-storage,
or here, etc.). I haven't upated from CVS in awhile, so I'm planning on just blowing my test setup away and starting over...but
I wanted to check first and make sure we're not in a "state of breakage". *grin* Don, I know you said in another thread (I
think regarding the boolean question) that you had some patches to work in this coming week, but are things generally


Posted by Don Baccus on
Yes, things are "checkable-outable" AFAIK.  Sorry about the lack of communication, I pinged Vinod and Roberto a few days ago and just got word back that the installation document should be ready in a few days.

That's really all I need to convince myself that we can issue a beta release of what we've got.  I also need to check with the infiniteinfo folks to see if their recently ported adserver and other packages are ready to go.

Posted by Rafael Calvo on
I think we should try to have releases as often as possible even if they are not perfect (betas). Otherwise activity is reduced.
Our site ( is working OK (not all the areas are active yet, thought) with code that is a month old. Other people could be using it as well.
BTW, how is dotLRN going?



Posted by Ken Kennedy on
Thanks for the update, Don. (I read your response last week *I promise!* , but hadn't gotten around to replying.)

For the record, though...can we get a "official" status update (the latest is Oct 21!), or even a list of things that need to be done? I'm itching to see a beta, (and I think a lot of other folks are too), and if there are docs that need to be cleaned up, bug fixes, or whatever, I'm happy to help. Right now, the answers to my questions are probably here...just scattered hither and yon amongst the threads *grin*. A status update, and even a "Bug/Doc/Fix Squashing List" (ie, what needs to happend before beta, that non-core developers could help with) would be great.

Hope things are well!!