Forum OpenACS Q&A: What *nix permissions do you use for admin and development

I am going through and setting up my development environment per much
of the excellent documentation that is available.  One issue I have
not seen addressed is that of permissions.

For instance, in my installation (per the rpm) the aolserver
directories are all owned by nsadmin:nsadmin.  To create new server
directories for instances of OpenACS, I need to either su to nsadmin,
do it as root, or add myself to the nsadmin group, as well as chmod a
bunch of stuff.

I really don't want to muck things up too much from the defaults, yet
also don't believe working as root all of the time is a very elegent
solution.  Any recommendations from those who have been there/done
that?  TIA!

Add yourself to the nsadmin group (or whatever). chmod g+s directory. Files and directories created in that directory will be owned by the creating user but the group will be that of the directory. If you chmod g+rwx directory also, then your set.