Forum OpenACS Development: what happened to ams::multirow::extend proc?

Hi all.

I am using ams to extend some objects in the system, and I pretend to show them in a list made with list-builder. Searching in ams doc for an proc that can ease the job, i've found ams::multirow::extend. The doc describes that it can effciently extend a multirow, so it would be perfect.

Actually that proc does not exists in my system and i've searched (grep'ed) the entire package for it (and searched in api-doc too);

So I went to cvs and found that this proc exists until revision 1.7. In revision 1.8 (package version 1.0d) it simply disappears (along with other useful procs).

I plan on retoring the proc somehow, but first it would be nice to know what happened to it... why it was removed?
does someone knows anything about?

By the way, without using ams::multirow::extend what would be an efficient way to get the values for the extended attributes or extending a multirow with it?

(My version of ams package is 1.1d16. HEAD is 1.1d18)

Thanks in advance,