Forum OpenACS Development: Permission to use mktree

Posted by Andrew Grumet on

Matt Kruse kindly gave us permission to incorporate his mktree javascript library for dynamic trees ( into OpenACS. I'm reproducing his email here to document his giving us permission, and will put a link to this thread in the files I'll be committing at these locations:


Here's the mail from Matt:

From: "Matt Kruse" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 21:16:32 -0500


Sorry, I didn't see this note originally:

> Would you consider letting us include it in OpenACS (

Sure, go for it.

Hope it helps,


Posted by Nick Carroll on
Thats great, I was looking for a javascript tree library the other day.
Posted by Andrew Grumet on
These files, and a few supporting images, are committed on both oacs-5-1 and HEAD.
Posted by Gabriel Burca on
See this thread from last year. I also obtained permission to use Tigra Tree Menu at that time. It is being used in the bookmarks package. The files making up the tree are in:
  • packages/bookmarks/www/tree-static.js
  • packages/bookmarks/www/resources/tree-icons
Perhaps they can be moved up out of the bookmarks package so that other packages can use them as well.
Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Ah, thanks for the note, I didn't know about this.

It looks good. One downside is that the menu disappears completely in browsers that have javascript turned off.

The nice thing about mktree is that it degrades gracefully in this case.

In any case, I'd support including it in the core if there's interest.