Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to zip code distance matrix

Posted by james shannon on
thanks everybody...

i looked at the code from zipdy and it seemed pretty easy to tweak so I made zipdyacs(which isn't acs specific so much as it's postgresql specific):

  * everything is self contained in a single .sql file
  * the longitude and latitude within the zip code table are now in radians, which saves an extra few steps in the mathematical formula
  * everything is contained in a single stored procedure now (za_distance(zip1, zip2))
  * it implements caching which will dramatically speed up some implementations in which you are constantly looking for the distance between a specific set of zip codes (IE, a few locations to various zip codes in a single geographical area)

  * it no longer deals with looking for zip codes in a specific radius.

  once i tweak this out a bit more, I'm going to make it available publicly(this might be never). if anybody wants it, i'll email it out on demand.

thanks for the info,
james shannon