Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Status update ... will there ever be a beta or final release?

Great news, Don! Thanks for the info.

One question, regarding #2:

> Mat Kovach is going to bundle an AOLserver/ad3.3/nsuuencode/drivers 
> etc tarball that folks can use to get all that stuff in one fell 
> swoop. This was also a "todo" item. I don't know just how quickly 
> this will happen but it's "days or N weeks (N tiny)" not "many 
> weeks or months". 

Is this going to be the only AOLserver configuration that's going to be "supported"? By that...I don't care if other configurations are more difficult, but I think it's important to at least talk about them, and provide help where possible. The FreeBSD docs in the doc storage are a good start...

I ask b/c the more flexible we make the server piece, IMO, the better. I realize OpenACS has certain requirements, but (for example) I don't want to have to install a non-Debian webserver package unless absolutely necessary. Some new pieces, extra drivers, etc. Sure.

Plus, is the bundle going to be a binary tar, source, both, etc? I guess Mat may be the person to talk to here, eh? *grin*

Sounds GREAT, though, Don. I can't wait for beta...