Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Ns_Pool: invalid block

Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
Turn on verbose -- do you mean postmster -d debug_level?  Any idea what level I'd want?  All the docs say is "values up to 4 can make sense."

I've had the ns_pool error 5 times since doubling stack space to 128k.  I've taken out WAY more cached tcl procs than I've added, and I use util_memoize sparingly, so I wouldn't think I'd need to increase it to much more than 128k.  I take it there's not really any way to tell for sure, though. :/

Re patrick's suggestions -- I'll give one of the memory tester's a shot when I take down the server for a few minutes to up the pg debug level.  I haven't played with the shared libraries, and since I rebooted the server less than 24h before the most recent backend crash I don't think that's the problem either.  I also did a totally fresh load from pg_dump at that time, with no errors.