Forum OpenACS Q&A: Enable home.html/adp/tcl to behave like index.html/adp/tcl


I'm migrating a very large server to use OpenACS.  When they first
started they adopted "home.html" as their default index page.  They
don't want me to do a massive search/replace/rename process because
of all the people on the web that link to their home.html files.
I'm keen to introduce them to the templating system, which will be
difficult since it relies on "index.adp/tcl".

Can anyone offer suggestions as to how I could fix this?  Am I
playing with fire?  It seems that all I have to do is change the
request processor to check for "home.whatever" in addition
to "index.whatever".  And I think if someone requests "home.html"
and we are templating that home page, then there will be no .html
file, so it should treat "home.html" as just "home".

Suggestions as to how I might go about this?

Could this be accomplished with IndexFilenameCandidacyList and/or the nsd.tcl directoryfile parameter?
Maybe I don't understand the new templating system well enough, so I might be speaking from ignorance here. But couldn't you just do a redirect on home.tcl to go to index.adp/tcl?
Are there ramifications for search engines if we do this?  That was my first suggestion--do the redirect.  The client's response was that he was concerned that some search engines wouldn't pick that up.  Is that true from anybody's perspective?
You could alway use Rob Mayoff's dqd_internalredirect function which
will redirect while still showing the home.whatever url in browser.
You could setup a registered proc to handle all url to do redirect
Thanks for the hint Carl, I meet with the client today and we'll resolve that.

Strange as it may seem I would rather rename all the home.html to index.html.