Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Status update ... will there ever be a beta or final release?

I've only looked briefly at the mod_aolserver source, but my impression is that it is simply a light-weight implementation of enough of AOLServer's API that you can run Tcl with database connectivity.  Last I checked, you can't even run ACS Classic >= 3.4 on mod_aolserver 1.1.  Because mod_aolserver is just a set of Tcl and db hooks plugged into the connection handling of apache, I'd imagine that keeping it up to date with AOLServer development would be significantly more difficult than maintaining a full port of AOLServer (which, I assume, is part of the reason that aD hasn't updated the package in so long).  New revisions of AOLServer itself would have a relatively good chance of NOT breaking the port in any way, but it would take a seasoned C hacker with rock solid windows experience to declare the revision to be of 'production quality' on that OS.  Remember that dropping support of a platform doesn't mean making it incompatible... it can just mean that they don't want to expend the engineering effort to certify it as a production-ready platform.  OTOH, new revisions to AOLServer in the wake of an intentional drop of the windows port may result in some very UNIX-centric optimizations, which could take some wizardry to sort out.