Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Status update ... will there ever be a beta or final release?

Michael asks how difficult it would be to have mod_aolserver running on Apache 2.0.  My understanding is that a module written for 1.x will need to be re-written for 2.x.  However, since there is an officially blessed mod_tcl for Apache, perhaps a few weeks of mod_tcl hacking could result in a reasonable facsimile of AOLserver under Apache.

Concerning mod_aolserver, I have in the past used it for sites.  It performs OK, but will need more RAM due to the fact db pools are not shared among processes.  You need more RAM for the httpd process, as well as more RAM to hold the greater number of PG sessions.  I ended up using AOLserver behind Apache/mod_proxy to implement sane virtual hosting; of course, if you have your heart set on Apache-only, well, I can't help you.