Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Status update ... will there ever be a beta or final release?

OTOH, new revisions to AOLServer in the wake of an intentional drop
 of the windows port may result in some very UNIX-centric 
optimizations, which could take some wizardry to sort out.
I think this is the central issue. The AOLserver people's number one mission in life is to make and scale on as little hardware as possible, so anything they can do to pump up throughput will be on the table.

Even if it means writing code that would be difficult to back-port to Win2K.

This benefits all of us running AOLserver in a Unix or Linux environment, but could make maintaining a viable Win2K port problematical.

The major problem, though, is that there's no volunteer with the necessary time and skills to keep a Win2K version maintained. Cygwin greatly reduces the amount of work that'll be necessary.

I'd guess that long-term this is better than the Apache/mod_aolserver approach.