Forum OpenACS Development: OT: equivalent of ns_write for apache/php?

This is a bit off-topic, but I'm hoping someone here knows the answer.

Sometimes it's useful to use ns_write to incrementally send information back to the client when the backend processing on the server takes a long time (e.g. OpenACS core installation, photo album bulk upload). Is there an equivalent way to do incremental write backs to the client using Apache and PHP?

I built a tool for a web site running on LAMP that calculates certain financial metrics for a large set of funds. In order to improve performance for sorting and ranking, I calculate and cache the results, as they don't change unless that fund's monthly return data OR the reference data set (in this case, the Fed Funds rate) is updated.

Everytime I update a fund's data, I can recalculate all the metrics and and cache them. However, when I update the reference data, I need to recalculate all the metrics for all the funds, which can take a long time.

I'd like to create a web page that print feedback to the client as each fund is updated. If it were AOLserver, I'd just use ns_write, but since it's Apache+PHP, I'm not sure what to do. Any ideas?