Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How do I build search capabilities into a new application?

Thank you for your help.

However, I'm still having trouble with search on faq....

My error log recorded the following:

can't read "datasource(content)": no such element in array

But I can't see why the content element would not be populated by the answer column of the faq_q_and_as table.

I checked search_observer_queue, loaded the old content, and the FtsContentProvider for faq service is visible in /acs-service-contracts/

And search_observer_queue appears to be processing anything I insert into it (it is empty)

Any tips here would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ryan

This looks like the datasource function did not execute and hence it did not return the array. This can be possible if the "function is not found" in which case restarting the server can help. I just enabled search for bug tracker and ran into the same issue.