Forum OpenACS Development: Response to AOLserver version requirements?

Posted by Mat Kovach on
Neophytos Demetriou comments regarding the difference appear to be correct (I still have a bit more checking to do).  the *BSD exec bug still seems to be there (the patch is painless).  It might be best to right now work with just AOLserver3.3ad13 as a base and once we have a solid installation path with that look into moving to a more stardard AOLserver version.

Since aD most likely won't be contributing patches towards AOLserver
anymore (just my guess, I've been know to be wrong) that might be our best move in the short and long run.

I think right now we have our work cut out for use to get a beta version and final release out and it might be a good time to just decieded on a version to use, support it and then let "feature creep" start after the release?

I'm willing to put AOLserver 3.4.X in the mix but will it really gain us any ground right now? I'd love to just stick with AOLserver3.3ad13 (plus the patches that have been added) and worry about creating some nice binary distribtributions and install procedures.