Forum OpenACS Q&A: IBM Mindspan Solutions Introduces Next Generation e-Learning Platform

This might be interesting for .LRN...

It looks like IBM / Lotus emphasize this topic quite nicely ($$$$;-)

By the way: Any new schedules for .LRN???

Compared to the schedule I had put forth a few months ago,
we're running a tad late on dotLRN, but actually not by much.
We're going to release an alpha in 3 weeks. By alpha, I mean
that we won't be supporting upgrade scripts for at least another
1 or 2 releases. By March, we will put out a beta that will support
upgrade scripts.

dotLRN includes a lot of code to improve modularity and subsite
management, portals, and much more. If you're interested in
being an involved alpha/beta tester on Oracle and PostgreSQL,
let me know! The code will be available to all, of course, but if
certain people want to be more than just casually involved in the
testing, we're happy to get your feedback.

Count me in as an alpha tester for PostgreSQL.
I'm building a similar system for our client K-12 schools in the Philippines. It would be great if I can simply customize or build on top of dotLRN, but can't wait for dotLRN because I have a March 2002 deadline (schoolyear starts on June). I'm building with OpenACS4 + ACS3.5 data model.
This early, can you release a Guaranteed-not-to-work-but-OK-for-those-who-want-to-study-the-code version? This way, we that want to work with dotLRN can ensure that our work is more or less consistent with dotLRN, even if dotLRN is still pre-alpha.
Thanks much.

you can count me in as beta tester on Postgres too..

The link that I posted unfortunately contained a space where there shouldn't have been one...