Forum OpenACS Development: Response to AOLserver/OpenASC packages

Posted by Ken Kennedy on
Sweet!! Sounds outstanding. And, to clarify, I didn't THINK that we were trying to go the "required" route...just wanted to check. Mat, kudos to you for doing all that will indeed be making it very easy for a total "newbie" to get up and running with OpenACS. I congratulate you!

On a (somewhat) related note...does anyone know "Eric Van Buggenhaut"? He's listed as the Debian maintainer for openacs 3.2.5 in Debian unstable, but I don't see him in the directory. (Also doesn't look like there's been any work on package bugs, etc. recently). I'm in the VERY beginnings of becoming a Debian maintainer myself, so I might be able at some point to sponsor some of the auxiliary packages. But I'd love to hook up with Eric if possible, to see what the deal is...