Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to server side document to .pdf conversion

Posted by David Kuczek on
Where could I check for existing scripts (examples) that do this kind of procedure on other sites in order to see how they exactly proceed?

Adobe either sends you a link to a download page or directly attaches your new .pdf to their email...

This would be the best procedure:

1. A person uploads a .doc, .xls etc. to an OpenACS webservice (file-storage)

2. OpenACS connects to, sets the security settings (they are on the same page as the upload button etc.) and lets Adobe deliver the new .pdf to the OpenACS webservice's email address.

3. An email handler automatically gets the email, regexps the title of the attachment (i.e. document.doc?version_id=100) and inserts the new .pdf as a new version of our document into the database...

That would be perfect and a nice service for OpenACS 3.x 4.x too...