Forum OpenACS Development: What else do we need to roll a beta and declare a "bug fix only" code freeze?

Before beta...

(A) I'd really like OpenFTS-driver to have an easier/simpler/less confusing install model.  Right now it still requires a package parameter that is a path to the OpenFTS-tcl source directory!  No other package does that, or requires that sources for something it depends on be available at OpenACS4 runtime.

This sort of thing makes RPM (and probably .deb) packaging more difficult than it should be.  Shouldn't openfts-tcl install all the parts that openfts-driver will need at runtime?  Since some folks may say this issue is not a bug, but a deliberate design feature of openfts-driver (!), I'd prefer we didn't code freeze until it was taken care of.

(B) Does "search stuff to finish off" in your #3 include ability to search content other than notes?  Can we search bboard items, for instance?

(C) We also need to think carefully about the state of documentation.
Is the OpenACS4 documentation at a "only bug fixes needed" state already?  It doesn't seem to be, from Roberto's 05 Jan status report.