Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Status update ... will there ever be a beta or final release?

Neophytos and I have been e-mailing privately over the last week and I don't think we want to hold up release for his improved search package. He simply doesn't have time to finish it up beforehand.

Improving the OpenFTS install ... this would be awfully nice, and if anyone wants to tackle this feel free to e-mail me.  But, again, I don't think we should be waiting.  There are already people building production sites using versions from CVS and we've taken far longer than I wish to get to this point.

Documentation ... I've been saying that as soon as the install documentation was reasonably complete that I'd roll out a beta.  The "bug fix only" creed doesn't apply to documentation in my mind, not for this release, anyway.  A final release - yes, most certainly, we must wait until documentation's much more complete.