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7: Re: ERD for OpenACS/dotLRN (response to 1)
Posted by Jose Marinez on
Hi Malte,

In your reply you said:

"As for the changes, they are numerous, but the basics should still be fine. What is more important though for the evaluation as a Toolki is not the datamodell but the API that is provided to access the data modell (in my opinion)."

The logic of the toolkit is hidden in its data model. The API is just an abstraction of that logic. However, there may be features and functionality not exposed via the API. The main way to determine that is to bypass the API and evaluate the data model.

The information that Deds provided should be included in the OpenACS' main information page or should be easily accessible.

In any case, thanks for the help in this manner and for the what you've done in the demo site.