Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Character Set Problem with web form input

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Although the POST-data / database interaction seems to work fine with 3.4.2 and those configuration settings aolserver is not able to pick up iso8859-1 encoded files in that setup (unless I am missing something). I created a .tcl file with some german umlauts in it and they were displayed as garbled two-character combination in the browser. Also a string defined in the .tcl file with umlauts and then saved in the database will incorrectly produce the two-byte string.

Is it right that part of Henry's patches need to be ported to 3.4.2 for that to work? Any chance for that happening in the near future?

And yet more questions:

by which factor would you estimate postgresql to be slower when dealing with multibyte stuff?

And would this slowdown only affect databases in multibyte encoding or is it already caused by compiling postgresql with multibyte enabled?