Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to The future of mod_nsd and other web server support

Well, I was just reading this old thread again after David Kuczek reminded us about it.

FastCGI sounds like it would be a very cool tool to have in one's AOLserver toolbox. But, I wonder about one thing - the tight integration of the AOLserver API. Would FastCGI allow the all of the ns_ API to work normally? I'm not sure, but presumably, AOLserver API calls like ns_conn could be properly implemented by having Apache (or whatever the main web sever is) pass the necessary information via environment variables or something to the AOLserver FastCGI process?

In other words, are the FastCGI spec and implementations powerful enough to allow the sort of tight API integration with the web server that has always been AOLserver's hallmark? From a brief look at, I think the answer might be yes, but I'm not really sure.