Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to iCal, vCal, we all call for i(etf) cal

Posted by Jerry Asher on
Thanks Don,

I don't know what happens when you just mail an iCalendar file, as I've never received one.  I get lots of vcf vCards, usually from folks I would never want in my address book, but except for when I work in various Microsoft/Outlook enabled shops, I don't believe I've ever been sent a calendar event.

I'm glad to hear that OpenACS 4 will support such, at the moment, I just want to put up a free service like this vCard generator,, that I can point folks to so that they can generate calendar events of their own.  It's may be asking too much of them to do so, most folks with a Palm can already generate these things and forward them on using the Palm desktop already.