Forum OpenACS Q&A: strange problem with fs_file_downloader...

Since two days I have a strange problem with fs_file_downloader:

Error: Filter fs_file_downloader returned error #1: can't read
"version_id": no such variable

I checked the server log and before Feb 1st fs_file_downloader always
appeared in relation with a version_id or as a notice at AOLserver
restart that the filter has been loaded...

As no version_id is transmitted I don't see which file from the
file-storage is beeing read when this message appears...

Any ideas?

Posted by David Kuczek on
I might have found the answer...

Couple days ago I uploaded a favicon.ico to / and restarted aolserver. Although the favicon.ico was downloadable via a browser it didn't appear in / when I listed all files with ls.

Therefore I copied the favicon to / once again, restarted aolserver and... voila!

Why did the fs_file_downloader react though???


Posted by David Kuczek on
No.... I didn't find it! Strange!

The error message is still showing!!??