Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ACS 3.5 beta released

Posted by Rich Graves on
Thanks, but I'm still not there yet.    I found two issues:    The service-name.tcl link on your ACES install doc is broken (can someone post both their ad.ini and aolserver .ini or .tcl?), so I copied one from an existing ACES snapshot installation. Since that old ACES was based on 3.4.7 or so, it did not have or configured. So I added them, and now the sec tokens get generated. However, I still can't download a file. samantha:8080/ redirects to samantha:8080/register/ as expected, but that gives a 404. The /foo.html file still shows a 200 result but zero bytes get sent.    I found one other thing I should have realized/mentioned in the first place. Not only are we 8.1.6 but it's 8.1.6SE, so we can't use functional or bitmap indices. The only error I see is the upper(email) index in core (which is safely ignored), but the same thing might be why the calendar and portals data models aren't working. I'll track that next. I know it is possible to run those data models on 8.1.6SE because we're doing it on (CVSweb linked from the home page).    The complaint about ad_footer is because the education module isn't loaded (the proc is commented out of acs-core and redefined in education -- anyone wanting to run ACS 3.5 without education module will have to address that).    Bottom line: I think it's an Oracle Standard Edition problem, I'll take it from here. There's also a chance I broke some i18n stuff when I compiled nsd long ago, I'll try recompiling it if I don't find the answer in bitmap/functional index issues.