Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ACS 3.5 beta released

Posted by Rich Graves on
DOH!  <p>  There is no problem with the data models. I simply never loaded them.  <p>  If load-packages.sql is mentioned in the install guide, I missed  it. The sequence you have to follow is:  <ol>  <li>cd www/install; ./load-geo-tables  <li>cd ../doc/sql; sqlplus < load-data-model.sql  <li>./load-sitewide-search  <li>sqlplus < load-packages.sql  <li>Start aolserver, then kill it (maybe necessary to bootstrap apm before the next step)  <li>sqlplus < load-education.sql (maybe optional if you uncomment ad_footer and maybe a few other things in acs-core, but we happen to want the education module)  </ol>  Anyway, now that I have it booted, it looks great!!