Forum OpenACS Q&A: Ticket+ broken in 3.5beta due to ad_sign lossage in utilities-procs.tcl

Most of the /packages/acs-core/utilties-procs.tcl in acs3.5 beta is actually older than ACS 3.4.10. No form that uses the very important (for cross-site-scripting security) ad_sign API will work. The /ticket/ problem is just the beginning. Dropping ad_sign support would be a step backwards.

The only thing added to utilties-procs.tcl in the 3.5 beta dist that wasn't in 3.4.9 is "set to list" by Since I'm not sure how or where that code is used, I think I'll have to leave the merge to them.

Where is the procedure show_folders supposed to be defined? file-storage requires it but doesn't define it.

Is it just me, or is static HTML serving broken? should be a full page but actually only returns the </body> close tag. Without a </body> close tag, I get a zero-byte response.