Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Fatal: received fatal signal 11 - new error after years!

I'm also replying in Matthews absence.
Thanks for the reply Torben.

It is not happening at a certain time of day, it happens around 10 minutes after a server restart. The site is up and available within this 10 minute window.

We checked the server.log whilst the site was up and I loaded the login page, nothing out of the ordinary was happening just requests for images/css which completed successfully. The web page loaded fully and was static as the fatal error occurred. (no requests were being made at the time in the server.log).

We increased the stacksize from...
ns_param stacksize [expr 128 * 8192], to
ns_param stacksize [expr 512 * 8192]
and the restarted, but still no joy.

We will have a go at removing the duplicate email addresses and restart, how do we clear the backlog of scheduled events?