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Posted by Luis Garcia on


I have a problem with my server and I was wondering if some one here has an idea of what to do. I was trying to add a new Hard drive to the system and expand the server's capacity. Anyway, all went well until I had to do the partition. I was using the graphic interface that comes with SuSE and I decided to do two reiser primary partitions with mounting points in these two folders /var and /usr. I think I wiped these two directories because I did not realized I would format them (or so I think since we cannot see any of the folders in there... I know, I should quit IT all together! :) ).

The system boots and then gives this error:

INIT: Id "SV" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes

Then the "servername login:" prompt comes up.

Is there any way to recovered the system or the partitions so I don't loose all the work I have in there?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Posted by Alexander Antonakakis on
I don't know what Suse is doing with the partition tool but the mistake here is the mount point you choosed.
So I guess Suse's tool add all the info in the /etc/fstab so what I suggest is try to boot in single mode and enter fstab and comment or change the mount points of your new partitions.
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Posted by Luis Garcia on

Yep, that's what it was. I already solved it. By the way, if anyone has a problem with his/her server, use Knoppix CD. It is excellent and helps solve all this issues. They even have forums where you get help not only with Knoppix but all kind of linux questions you may have.