Forum .LRN Q&A: User-tracking package in CVS

Posted by David Ortega on
Hi all,

As part of Telefónica I+D’s work within the E-Lane Project we have developed an user-tracking tool for dotLRN. We were talking about it in this thread sometime ago:

User-tracking tool is made up of three packages: user-tracking, user-tracking-portlet and dotlrn-user-tracking. It has been developed for PostgreSQL and all packages are i18n.

In this file, you can read a summary about what the tool can do:

A filter is needed (and included in the tool) in order to append user and communities ids in log files so it’s necessary to comment the "extendedheaders" line in config.tcl and add the above within the section "ns_section ns/server/${server}/module/nslog"

#ns_param extendedheaders COOKIE
ns_param extendedheaders X-User-Id

Once installed, you have to stop your server, save the old log files out of the log dir, and start the server again.

We are willing to improve the tool so, feedback are more than welcome.


Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Looks really interesting David! I know the folks at Sloan are interested in collecting this type of data, so we'll be looking at it before long.