Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ad_return_template

Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
As Don says we would have to cleanup the code for such a change but afaics there not many places where ".tcl" or ".adp" extensions are used. There are some though, for example, in the site-map we have "unmounted.tcl" instead of "unmounted"...
>Actually what happens for a recent version of OACS is that if both page.tcl and page.adp exist, then either page.tcl or page work the same.
That's probably due to an ad_return_template at the end of tcl files which parses the adp template.
> In the case that is requested and the adp and tcl file exist, it should process the pair as a template example.
Looks like an option to me (maybe a parameter of the request processor would do it). Personally, I would prefer a 404 in that case which would enforce the abstract url system. Also, I prefer my pages accessible from only one url "page" instead of all three "page", "page.adp" and/or "page.tcl".