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At Carlos III University of Madrid, we want to integrate Assessment, LORS and GradeBook (Evaluation) packages.
We have an SCORM package with several types of learning resources: resources of webcontent type, assessments (labeled as imsqti_xmlvX) and a file describing the tasks and activities that students have to do (labeled as imsld_xmlvX). A resource labeled as imsld_xmlvX is a xml file compliant with IMS Learning Design Specification.
We want to upload this SCORM package (a course) to LORS package and that LORS detects automatically our types of learning resources and fills in the tables of GradeBook and Assessment packages.

Are you going to implement this? If nobody is going to do this, we will do it as soon as possible.


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
This is an excellent goal and I'm looking forward to see the outcome. I'd wait though for the new LORS package with IMS LD support so you could benefit from having all the packages already developed and "just" have to stick them together :).
Posted by Eduardo Pérez on
I have committed code to CVS HEAD to make lors call other packages to import content (the code uses callbacks).
Right now only the assessment package has support to import lors content.
The idea is to implement IMS LD, so we relate evaluation, the new lors version of HEAD and assessment. A key issue will be to have an web LD editor to make this easier for the end user, everything with export/import capabilities.
Posted by Juan Pablo Amaya on
I'm thinking in work about IMS Learning Design in dotLRN, but I want to know what is the development state of this specification.
Is a LD engine, player, editor already builded for dotLRN? or there are open source integrations like coppercore, copperauthor,reload, LAMS in the dotLRN community?
I want to develop a LD editor and the integration with coppercore, but if somebody already do it, I can work in a different development.

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Posted by Rafael Calvo on
Juan Pablo
The people from Uned have already integrated dotLRN to coppercore. Please check out their papre at the conference proceedings:

All the above work is great but since the standards are changing very often, and we want to have a stable version of the package the code has to be clearly spearated so when a standards implementation is defunct, or work in progress or whatever it does not affect the rest of the IMS implementations


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I'd also look into an integration of LAMS, where Ernie (who wrote major chunks of LORS) is currently working. Together with the RTE for LORS (which will make it into CVS soon I hope) we should have a decent offering in the next couple of months. So instead of writing your own IMS LD implementation I'd focus on using one that is already out there and make a clean integration with .LRN. Noone says .LRN has to write all the code on it's own :).

Do you know if someone is working on the LAMS/dotLRN integration?

Where can I see that RTE for LORS, do you have a demo site, specification or something? are you working on the IMS LD implementation for dotLRN or are you talking about LAMS?

We definitively don't want to waste resources re-writing something that is already done, we would prefer to collaborate in case we can use what is already being developed (and in case it is needed, of course ;)



Have you heard about aLFanet? (the slides/paper are in the dotlrn site -

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Hi Jopez, we are not doing anything with LAMS or LORS. But I think that Caroline and Ernie are working on it (at least this is what I assume), so check with them.