Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Can't delete unmounted ETP instance

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Jowell,

This will not be a real help.  Basically what you are seeing is what I experience too.  So the drop script will not work as well.  On ETP deleted stuff are just moved into a trash bin folder on cr_folders.  The cr_folder folder_id is -400.  From what I remeber Luke P has decided for this trash bin stuff because there was something wrong with CR data model.  So I think he is waiting for DanW or somebody to fix this.  I am not yet good enough to debug at this kind of level nor  do I have time to study right now.  Although from what remeber file-storage is able to clean the cr_items, etc. cleanly.  So I guess being the file-storage guy you may apply what you do there in ETP.  Please post a bug fix if possible.  I would like to integrate that on my mod-ETP.  Not much help but I hope it does help even a little bit.  Thanks.