Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Res: .LRN Planner missing function

Posted by Dario Roig on
Hi! In the University of Valencia are testing the Planner View.

We have read the documentation and the planner package is working well.

We would like to get the code with the Standard callbacks, we haven't found the patch to add the these callbacks in dotlrn.

"Standard callbacks: These callbacks are implemented once in the dotlrn package because there's no difference in the code needed for all packages."


Thanks for share your work

Posted by Alvaro Rodriguez on
Hi Dario,

It's great news that you're using the Planner View Package.

About the "Standard callbacks", in the beginning the planner was not a package itself, it was part of dotlrn, that's why the documentation said the callbacks were implemented in dotlrn, now those are implemented in the planner package, I've updated the documentation to avoid future confusions.