Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Can't delete unmounted ETP instance

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Wow! lots of good info to be picked up especially not having time to
read code.

Anyway I will try to contribute some info too that might help.  ETP
is also a hack in terms of creating the folder etc from I remember.
Basically ETP gets mounted by APM or site-map.  On first time that
ETP package is accessed it detects the folders are not present.  The
cr_folders is created along with the initial contents on cr_items
and cr_revisions for the index page.

Since given the post above that there is no formal way for APM or
maybe site-map to initialize a package instance.  So file-storage
and ETP has its own way of doing things.  A good canditate for
service contract?  Since we are close to beta I think we should
already make a list of things that must be pushed to the next
release.  It would also be great if people would start experimenting
for the next release.

Hey Jowell your Pinoy right?