Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Categories in OpenACS 4

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Thanks Peter!

Wow the horror of facing the fact that there is no common tree data
model structure.  Doesn't ACS 3.x had this?  I think it was called
categories and it even had an admin interface.

Oh well should I decide do this stuff I think the best way to
implement it is.

acs-categories (or maybe acs-tree)

node_id, parent_id, package_id, order_id (?), tree_sortkey.

It will look like or the same with site-nodes but object_id is now
package_id.  I dont want to use site-nodes even though it does fix
my problem since my application does not have to do anything with
site nodes.  Unless some OpenACS guru tells me that you can use
site-nodes or use this table instead.