Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Fatal: received fatal signal 11 - new error after years!

>Some thing very similar can happen when you have news aggregator instaled and the sources table is so big that the system can't load it into the memory, causing the the server to get a signal 11 and crash.

Just saw this and have had a look. We only had two entries in the na_sources table so I have removed them both along with all entries in the na_items table. I thought this may go with my theory that the only factor that seems consistent is the passing of time!!

With regards to the coredump. I have set the coredump to be unlimited and have set it so that all of the dumps go in the folder /coredumps on my server. When It crashed however it did not dump anything in that folder. Do I need to recompile Aolserver with some flags set? you mention that the dump will happen in the application folder. I have aolserver installed /usr/local/aolserver and the actually OpenACS instance at /var/lib/aolserver. Where abouts will this dump file go? For information we are using Red Hat ES 4.

Cheers again.

What a ridiculous scenario. We had 2 news feeds pointing to the BBC website and they were causing the crash. I looked at the scheduled procs on the monitoring application and saw the exact point when it crashed was when the news aggregator updated.

I removed them both and the backup server worked fine as it passed through the proc. It's now been up for an hour after 10 minutes crashes.

Unbelievable really, there were 55,000 rows in the na_items table but only 2 on the na_sources table. Perhaps there was a dodgy entry on the site that was being downloaded?

Anyway, thanks for all of the help and we will work on the other recommendations for tweaking and fixing the duplicate email address error. That problem is caused by a single proc which attempts to grab a user id by email address (very wrong way of doing something!).


Hi Matthew,

Unfortunatelly, this issue is quite common. News aggregator UI doesn't have the option to delete old items, and this kind of thing usually happens when your server is significantly old to have lots of news feeds.

We have solved the problem building an UI where you can delete the feed entries. Take a look at your code and see if it can be usefull to you: