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Posted by Cathy Sarisky on
I'd be willing to work on getting Michael's scraped HTML files parsed.  Thanks to the holiday, I have 2 extra days this weekend.  It appears it would not be TOO difficult to parse that HTML back into entries in the database.
It seems to me that we need to think about how to handle imported users.  Should all the web/db posters be imported into  If so, we need to match web/db posters with existing oACS posters, and then insert all unmatched names.  Of course, we don't have email addresses to go with those unmatched names.  Or password choices, or...  I'm thinking made-up email addresses (since the field is required) and randomized passwords, with extra work for the admins if/when/as the posters migrate over to and want to have their accounts merged.
Of course, if someone can get the actual SQL data (not just a strip of the site), then an import is easier.