Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team Summary for 24 March 2005

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Meeting Tuesday 24 May, 2005

1) election status

-if you look at the forum page for the election, and at the election app there are two different end dates
- it ends Friday, we have 31 or so votes
- andrew will send a mail message to the 135 people listed here:
- andrew and I will post a new message to the forum
- andrew will fix the end date in the election app

2) oacs 5.2

- not much more to say

3) Status of uPortal based CSS guidelines

- this is abased on a discussion in Madrid. Talked about CSS standardization around the CSS used for uPortal.
- would like to start using this and I was wondering what his status with the work was.
- at one point talked about overhauling the display system
- there is a laundry list of things - mostly cleanup consistency and documentation
- the longer term goal is supporting more sophisticated theming.

4) I believe the next item was OpenACS 5.3, rubick's suggestion

- topic was set aside