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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
The translation server remains a magical place... here is the list of finished and almost finished languages from a few minutes ago:
German (DE)     2579 DONE!
English (US)    2579 DONE!
Spanish (ES)    2579 DONE!
Spanish (GT)    2579 DONE!
Italian (IT)    2579 DONE!
Dutch (NL)      2579 DONE!
Norwegian (NN)  2579 DONE!
Norwegian (NO)  2579 DONE!
Portuguese (BR) 2579 DONE!
Chinese (CN)    2579 DONE!
Hindi (IN)      2577 2 more
Spanish (CO)    2573 6 more
Catalan (ES)    2568 11 more
Danish (DK)     2568 11 more
English (AU)    2568 11 more
Arabic (LB)     2559 20 more
Malaysia (MY)   2501 78 more
Korean (KR)     2380 199 more
Swedish (SE)    2380 199 more
Portuguese (PT) 1818 761 more
Polish (PL)     1582 997 more

Was just forwarded an email from one of the main Hindi translators. Hindi belongs in the DONE group, but 2 untranslated keys keep showing up in the list.

Try clicking the "2" next to survey on this page (if you have rights on the translation server)

When you click the 2, the two untranslated messages should show up, but "no messages" shows up.

Anyone know what the issue could be?

Want to help the Hindi master get his "DONE!"

2: Re: Translation Issue (response to 1)
Posted by xx xx on
It may be due to:

These two keys are marked deleted in dutch but don't show up in hindi. Can you check the catalog file or the proc that reports deleted keys?