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5: Response to Categorization (response to 1)
Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
"Sometimes having two parents for a category would make more sense. For example, a biochemistry category might most appropriately be listed as a child of BOTH chemistry and biology."

At dmoz, biochemistry is *listed* both as a subcategory of biology and chemistry. However, the entry under chemistry is only a link to biology/biochemistry. In the same way, our package shall maintain only one parent for each category and model other associations using relationships.

" Neophytos Demetriou, would there/could there be a mechanism to check for overlapping category membership (for people like me who tend to get into categorization mazes), or does addressing this become part of OACS internal configurations and administrating level, and therefore a much lower development priority?"

Yes, I suppose. I want the categorization package to be able to maintain dmoz categories.

I'm not working full-time on this one, so I cannot promise a date of when it will be released (as soon as possible). However, I want to keep this thread active for status updates and feedback. For those of you who followed the discussion about the tree_sortkey mechanism and null values in another thread: I had some private email exchanges with Don and we both agree that it would be better to use the current tree_sortkey mechanism for consistency with the rest of the OpenACS packages.