Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Bitkeeper experiences?

Posted by Talli Somekh on
Michael, i'm not really clear on what you're trying to get at. To try and get Tomcat, which I've never really heard that it works, to work wtih nsjava, which I've never heard anyone use, would probably take a couple-three weeks to get up and running and then probably wouldn't be very reliable. It would probably end up being a big hack.

A much more effective way of doing which wouldn't require some wacky hacks is to have apache and aolserver running alongside of one another. (Apache 2.0 has webdav built in to the base system.) I spoke with Rob Mayoff about this stuff who said he personally runs such a system for a personal site. He was also the one that also suggested the time frame for building webDAV support into AOLserver.