Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ANN: Reply to a forum msg via email is ready

Posted by Mounir LALLALI on
The user receives the notification message in his emailer. He can't reply to this message via email because the reply address is not correct. The reply address was generated by the E-LANE server and is modifiedby each sending.

To use email reply functionality, the administrator of the dotLRN to the should :

1.Create an email account (by installing qmail for instance) for receving the replies of the messages from the forum. This email is the correct reply address (for instance is an email account created in the server hosting ;

2.Give to the dotLRN server the right permission on the incoming directory associated to the reply address (for instance emailreply/Maildir/new) to read and delete the incoming messages ;

3.Change the notification parameters in the dotLRN server :

i.Edit the correct reply address to the dotLRN. This address is the concatenation of two variables :
EmailDomain @ EmailReplyAddressPrefix ;

ii.Edit the directory of the incoming emails by affecting a value to the EmailQmailQueue ;

iii.Autorize the server to scan the incoming directory by affecting the value 1 to the variable EmailQmailQueueScan

Fig 3 The configuration of tne parameters notification