Forum OpenACS Q&A: What are the tasks involved in implementing "Enterprise" Oracle?

Okay, I've downloaded and installed Oracle on a single, Linux, development machine many times now. That's not what this question is about.

This is a question about what is required to implement a mission critical, Enterprise quality, no Klingons not wearing pants allowed, Oracle system, especially any such system using Oracle Parallel Server, or Oracle Real Application Clusters, or any system involving some distributed deployment of Oracle.

What are the tasks required of sysadmins, dbas, developers, and even the dudes from finance in implementing a large, mission critical, distributed Oracle application? And how much time is actually required of those tasks? I am not concerned with data modeling by itself, but would like to know about testing and tuning of the application, as well as tuning of Oracle and testing of Oracle, and especially various Oracle failover/failback capabilities.

I can think of several tasks:

  • specifying/pricing/approval/ordering/paying for the software
  • specifying/pricing/approval/ordering/paying for support
  • . . .
  • training for sysadmin & dba
  • installation of software across a cluster
  • determining disk layouts
  • creation of databases
  • . . .
  • securing the system
  • testing security
  • testing backup
  • testing system in degraded modes
  • testing failover
  • testing failback/recovery
  • documenting the system
  • testing the documentation
  • . . .
  • . . .